Tremors In The Cloister is the first book I have published and it came out in July of 2015.  Several people have asked me what inspired me to write the work and so I hope this piece will answer the question for those who are interested.

One reason I wrote the book is that it is a unique and interesting story in its own right which would interest a wide category of readers.  It is a true story which has one theme of a younger immature man being mentored by an older man, but an unusual twist is that the setting of the story is in a monastery.  Very few people, even Roman Catholics, know about the life within a monastery.  Another aspect is the changes which have occurred in the Roman Catholic Church in the past fifty years and some of the controversial issues of the past and present.

Father Julian was an older man who had had Parkinson’s Disease for years and we developed a close friendship when I became his chauffeur and assistant in his many naturalist pursuits.  He felt strongly that marijuana helped alleviate the symptoms of his disease and although he wanted to publish an article on his experience, he was never able to do so due to his physical problems and the unsympathetic social climate.  As there are over one million people who have Parkinson’s Disease in this country and four million worldwide I felt morally impelled to present this information to others.  It is not a cure, but it at least helped reduce some of his suffering, particularly allowing him to sleep at night.

I  also feel that Julian provides an example for those who suffer from some chronic illnesses of a person who coped with his illness well and lived life as fully as possible.  He faced the difficulties of his illness with courage and did not give up or  become depressed. He was not one to complain about his illness or seek the sympathy of others, but tried to relate to others as normally as possible.  As I have had fibromyalgia and chronic pain issues for several decades, I find my memory of him helpful in this regard.  If he lived his life as full as possible without giving up, why should I not do likewise?

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