Excerpt from “A Whole Foods Baking Book”

The Clark Street Bakery was located on the north side of Chicago in the early 1980’s.  This is a portion taken from the “Forward”…

The goal at the bakery was to produce good-tasting and nutritious baked goods for the people in the area, and the bakery used only organic whole grain flours, less refined sweeteners such as honey or molasses, and vegetable oil rather than lard, shortening and a lot of butter.  No chemicals such as preservatives, dough conditioners, bleaches, or food dyes were used in the baked goods.  The bakery sold its goods as a retail community bakery as well as supplying natural food stores and coops in Chicago and Evanston.

Although not originally intended, the bakery was not your ordinary business enterprise.  We had a sort of missionary zeal to deliver fresh nutritious baked goods to the people of Chicago.  Because our goals were worthwhile, a number of people served as unpaid volunteers to help at the bakery, including two men, Randy and Hans, who lived in the bakery with me the first year.  Other people came to work at the bakery as paid employees without my solicitation simply because they wanted to work there and shared our ideals.  Some people in the community came as ‘friends,” just to hang out and partake of the social atmosphere.  The place functioned as a community drop-in center at times.  Over time this rather unique group of people became a type of family who cared for each other and supported each other in the many crises of life.


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