Book Festival Thoughts

This is guest blogger, Fran Spiegler.  As you may guess, Al was pretty worn out from the festival. On top of that, we had a delightful visit with his brother Tracy, who stopped in for a few days last week.  So, here are my reflections on the Tucson Festival of Books 2017:

It was a nice time meeting lots of people in a setting where book lovers congregated. Having been among the crowds of people checking out the book stalls and classes in the previous two years, this was certainly a different perspective.  It was definitely a lot of work trying to get people interested in taking a look at your books.  The enticement of the no-bake cookies certainly helped as noted by both the president of the Arizona Authors Association, Lisa Aquilina, and Betsy Feinberg of Book Services (the publisher of  Clark Street Whole Foods Baking).

People who go to the festival are looking to meet the author, even if he or she isn’t very well known.  Readers appreciate the effort that writers take to produce their books and let them know.  I remember one woman who was looking at the books and talking with me about them. Once she realized that Al was the author (he was sitting near me) she became very excited and asked a lot of questions about his book, then purchased it.

Having no-bake cookies made of ingredients including peanut butter, tahini, and honey need to stay in a cool-as-possible environment.  We had record breaking temperatures that day near 90 degrees.  Keeping the cookies from melting was quite a task!

It would have been nice to have access to the culinary section so that the cookbook would have had more exposure in the arena where food was highlighted.  This is just one of the quirks of the festival organizers.  One cannot move your wares around the area for more exposure.

All-in-all, it was a nice experience.  We sold some books and met a lot of nice people! We also know the leiblings (the no-bake cookies) were quite a hit! You may want to try them yourself! (see the post from April 3, 2016)


Countdown to Book Festival…(by guest blogger Fran)

Making a list and checking it twice (at least):

Picked up from Office Depot–(did a nice job)

1000 Brochures


From publisher:  100 books on the way to the Festival

PayPal–scanner won’t be in until SATURDAY LATE!

–find another way to collect credit card payments

Picked up dolly to transport boxes of books, brochures, bookmarks, and 800 no-bake cookies!

Oh–the weather will be a delightful 86 degrees…

What do I wear???!!!!img228img229

Busy Week!

This is guest blogger, Fran Spiegler–we have had a busy but exciting week!  Last Saturday we attended the “Crafting the Written Word” conference in Phoenix hosted by the Arizona Authors’ Association.  It was truly a great learning experience!  As we learn more about the business of writing, we find that we have support from those who have lots of experience in this area.  It was great to be able to take those ideas home and put them into immediate practice!  I updated the blog address so that people can more readily find Al when searching (#1 helpful suggestion).  This translated to the bookmarks and brochures that I had sent to the printers–frantic phone call found that production had not started–Whew!  So now we are getting closer to next weeks book festival here in Tucson, and I think that I have finished making cookie samples (about 800) for the cookbook….. : )