Busy Week!

This is guest blogger, Fran Spiegler–we have had a busy but exciting week!  Last Saturday we attended the “Crafting the Written Word” conference in Phoenix hosted by the Arizona Authors’ Association.  It was truly a great learning experience!  As we learn more about the business of writing, we find that we have support from those who have lots of experience in this area.  It was great to be able to take those ideas home and put them into immediate practice!  I updated the blog address so that people can more readily find Al when searching (#1 helpful suggestion).  This translated to the bookmarks and brochures that I had sent to the printers–frantic phone call found that production had not started–Whew!  So now we are getting closer to next weeks book festival here in Tucson, and I think that I have finished making cookie samples (about 800) for the cookbook….. : )

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