Guest Blogger..again

Hi, this is Fran Spiegler, guest blogging again.  One thing about vacations–you come back to real life. And real life hit us hard last week–literally!  Last Monday, Al had gone to his doctor’s office for bloodwork for his upcoming annual checkup. The doctor had moved to a new office in the same general location. Al was so intently looking at the office numbers that he didn’t watch where he was going, and he tripped on the sidewalk.  That resulted a few stitches over the left eye, along with two scraped knees and a strained right arm, not to mention the broken glasses! By the end of the week he endured a rash that spread from his face to his back and chest, a trip to the ER because of a severe headache, blood pressure that spiked in the high 180’s and 80’s, and a diagnosis of possible shingles despite getting the shingles vaccine six years ago.

Today’s doctor’s visit (the physical) yielded normal blood pressure, a not-so-sure diagnosis of shingles, and a referral to the neurologist.  So, while Al is on the mend, we will try to post from time to time when we can. There will be family visits next month, then more doctor’s visits to try to sort out things.

Thanks for hanging in there with us,