Neurologist visit

Well, we saw the neurologist today.  And after the usual coordination tests that neurologists do and answering questions that extend beyond the past 12 months, it seems that Al is demonstrating signs of Parkinsonism (which is not Parkinson’s Disease).  There are more tests to come, but for now, knowing it’s not just fibromyalgia is enough to digest.

We will keep you informed as we walk on this hurdle in our journey.

Tres Amigos



While on the east coast I had a chance to reconnect with two friends from college, Phil Downey and Mike Bosshart, who now live in Washington, D.C. Time and distance hasn’t changed our bond with each other.

Tres Amigos--Mike, Al, & Phil

Summer of 2012 in Maryland


August 1985–Allan’s wedding day

Fire Update–Good News!

We are still on the east coast, but we have been checking in on the fire back home.  The latest news is that it is now 74% contained. Monsoon rains have arrived and have helped with the containment (after about 28,000 acres have been burned). The Catalina Highway is planned to be open to the public this Friday. That is very good news!  I am thankful for the firefighters who have come from around the country to battle this blaze close to home. None of the homes that were threatened on Mount Lemmon have been lost.

Fire Makes Life Interesting…

Guest blogger Fran here–we are close to getting out of town to visit my family on the east coast.  Guess what is about six miles from our neighborhood?  A fire that has triple in size each day since it began on Friday.  It is zero percent contained.  The locals who live on Mount Lemmon have been ordered to evacuate since the fire was approximately 1 mile away from the only road to and from the town at the top.   We are praying for all in the path of this wildfire as well as rain to arrive (only 20% likely by the end of the week).  InkedIMG_3358_LI