Don’t Ever…

This is guest blogger Fran again.  I thought I would let you about know my experiment with freezing dough after it has risen twice. DON’T DO IT!

What led up to this literal flop?  I decided that I wanted to make rolls, but I wouldn’t be able to eat all of them myself.  We decided to try to cut the dough in fourths, then freeze those portions so that I could bake four rolls at a time at my convenience.  Sounded great in theory.

The problem is that the yeast stops working once it is frozen.  The rolls don’t rise in the oven, so what I ended up with were miniature rolls that tasted fine, but didn’t hold the amount of food that I wanted to put on them (like a sandwich).  The second batch was the same–I made some of the rolls larger, but they still did not rise.

I am baking the last of the dough today.  I decided that I would just have two larger somewhat flat-bread looking rolls.  I love the taste.  I just need to stay away from baking just for myself, that’s all!

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