Honorable Mention

My cousin Jake is a writer and used to live in Tucson.  He belonged (and still does, I believe) to a local writer’s group, the Society of Southwestern Authors.  Jake encouraged me to enter this year’s writing contest.  I submitted a poem entitled  “Hard Frost”, which garnered me an “Honorable Mention”.   The celebration of the winning entries was held this past Sunday, with the winners reading their selection.

Hard Frost


Gossamer strands of sunlight

beam through darkened hemlock woods.

White hoarfrost on the ground,

summer’s reign has come to an end.


Gently yellow leaves rain down,

every puff of wind sends a shower.

They flutter and dance as they fall to the earth,

beads of yellow against darkened rock.


Done with such grace and beauty,

such hardly seems like death.

There is no sadness here;

Only splendor in the change of life.



One thought on “Honorable Mention

  1. Allan, Gail Spiegler gave a copy of your book to my sister, Elinor Schwiesow Barth, (Gail was a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding) she purchased 2-3 copies and gave one to me. It is one of the better books I have read, probably because having been born in Des Plaines in 1930 and still reside here. I could relate to so much of the content, knew the Spieglers in the ’40’s, attended MTHS with Bob and Dave Spiegler, I was class of ’48 Roger was in the class of ’42. Have created a reply to you on the professionalism of your account of the Spiegler History. It is too lengthy to post here, need an email address for you, Elinor is pursuing this with Gail.


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