Making Cookies with Grandma

Our granddaughters (ages 4-1/2 and 2-1/2) were visiting with us for the holidays. I had the older of the two help me make some lieblings as they are no-bake cookies and easy to make. She watched as I put the ingredients together. “Grandma, I don’t like peanut butter,” she said as I measured it out. “I don’t like raisins either.” She had no opinion about honey or tahini, but she perked up when she saw the carob powder, mistaking it for chocolate. When it was added, she smelled the aroma of the mixture saying, “Ahh! That smells so good!” We rolled the balls of cookies with Allan complimenting her on her perfect-sized balls, while “Grandma’s are too big”. We put them into the refrigerator for the night.
The next morning both girls were curious about the cookies, but Ny wanted to help distribute them, not eat them. I could barely entice her to taste it, as she reluctantly touched her tongue to the smallest of morsels. (She remembered the peanut butter and raisins.) However, her sister had no qualms about trying one of them. “Yum! Grandma, these are so good!” My thoughts exactly!

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