Tastes Great: Where to Buy?

Last week my wife, Fran, wanted to try out my recipe for fruit tarts (makes 65).  After they were made, she realized that she left out a couple of ingredients in the fillings (prune and apricot).  She decided that 65 cookies were way too many to try to eat despite the mistake, so she took some to the gym (where she has a dance class) and to school to share.  Despite her error, the tarts were a big hit as many people complimented her on the great taste.

One woman in particular asked about them on the following day, and Fran gave her a cookbook brochure.  On Monday the same lady asked Fran where did she buy these delicious cookies? Fran explained that she made them from the recipe, but qualified her statement with “but I forgot some of the ingredients.”  The woman was quite disappointed that she could not buy these delicious treats in town, despite having read the brochure.  When Fran told me about her conversation, I had to smile.  These cookies, along with the oatmeal raisin cookies, were my best wholesale cookies at the bakery.  Fran has decided that she will make them again soon, but will pay close attention next time to get the recipe just right!

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