California Dreaming: Part 1–San Diego

Time to catch up with this blog! This year we have decided that we will tour California, a place where my wife has not been, outside of accompanying her sisters for the “Price Is Right” program in Los Angeles one day in November 2016–and everyone knows that Los Angeles is not the “real” California!

We kicked off our inaugural leg of the California adventure by visiting San Diego for the first time in February and right at pupping season for the harbor seals and the sea lions.  It was amazing to see the beach at the Children’s Pools practically littered with pregnant seals along with nursing seals and their newborns.  Our hotel room overlooked this wondrous sight (which SeaWorld could never match).

We also visited Balboa Park, another wonder of San Diego.  It is the location of several museums (16 plus) and the San Diego Zoo, sprawling over 1,200 acres. We managed to see two of the museums and took in the beautiful scenery.  No wonder many southern Arizonans make San Diego their vacation spot!

Next leg of the journey begins on May 31…