California Dreaming: Part II

May 31 began the long-awaited trip to see as much of the state of California as possible in two weeks.  With maps, hotel addresses and camera in hand we made our way to Las Vegas on the route that we planned to enter the Golden State.  We stayed with my cousin Rick and his wife, Nelia, that night.  It was a nice visit here because I had never been to his house before, and I hadn’t seen much of Rick since we have been adults over the past 40 years.  He has a nice back yard with a pool and a view of the mountains in the distance.  I gave Rick a number of photos of him as a toddler that I had found looking through family history pictures, and he and Nelia had fun looking at these.

Rick was trying out a diet that is high protein and fat but has low to no carbohydrates to see if it would help lower his cholesterol.  Fran had made some cherry-carob chip squares and lieblings to share with the family.  Since lieblings have low carbs (honey and carob),  and the peanut butter and tahini are high in unsaturated fat, it was a great choice for Rick to have as a dessert.  After a comfortable night and a scrumptious breakfast the next morning, we said goodbye to Rick and Nelia and their family, and we headed out on our next leg of our journey–Death Valley.


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