Entering Yosemite National Park: Tioga Pass

We had been a little nervous about Tioga Pass being open for our trip, having read that the latest the road had opened was July 1 back in 1998.  Fortunately for us, the road opened on May 21 with all of the snow a few days before we arrived.  Tioga Pass is at an elevation of 9945 feet.  As we drove along we passed by many scenic areas including Tenaya Lake, pictured above.  We found a place to eat our lunch and met other people who were visiting the park, including one couple who were from Los Angeles and were visiting for the weekend.

As we traveled toward Yosemite Valley along Big Oak Flat Road, the winding road brought us to Cascade Creek, pictured below. On one side of the bridge was a waterfall, and on the other, the water continuing to cascade down the valley.

We continued to the Southside Drive, where we beheld our first view of El Capitan before we headed to our hotel.  More about Yosemite Valley next time. DSC_3717

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