On the Way to San Francisco–a Funny Thing Happened…


We are back after taking a couple of weeks to visit family on the East Coast, which is always an adventure in itself!  In the last installment, we were in Bodega Bay, land of “The Birds”.

Our trip took a little twist on our way to San Francisco.  Tracy needed gas, so he ventured back north to find a gas station closer than the one in Petaluma (the one in Bodega Bay was undergoing a renovation and was closed). Left on our own, we traveled down Highway 1 (or so we thought), admiring the countryside with abundant farmland and beautiful scenery.  Fran was wondering how all of this could be so close to the ocean without seeing it.  We found out when we saw a sign telling us how close to Highway 101 we were.  Apparently the correct road took a sharp jog to the right in the area of Valley Ford to cut back to the coast. We continued on the road to Petaluma unaware of our mistake until we saw the sign.  Oh well, too late now!

Petaluma is a small town with its own claim to Hollywood movie fame.  “American Graffiti”, “Peggy Sue Got Married”, and “Flubber” were all filmed here along with “Cujo” and “Howard the Duck”, among others.  We drove down Main Street to get to Highway 101, where our scenic drive ended with the freeway.  Looking at the map, I noticed an exit that would get us to Muir Woods, though in a roundabout way.  After getting rerouted on the GPS a few times, we finally reached Muir Woods to learn that you have to reserve a parking space ahead of time.  Time to reconnect with Tracy!

We finally met up just outside a shopping center where Highways 1 and 101 came together. Tracy suggested that we visit Sausalito since we were only one exit away. Leading the way on his motorcycle, Tracy took us to a unique place, Waldo Point Harbor, where “homeboats” are located. These are not really boats, but homes resting on cement blocks in the water. Most of the time this is not a problem, but someone who worked at a restaurant near the area told us that during the last heavy rain a couple of homes were lost due to their inability to float.  Californians seem to like taking risks in where they choose to live!

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