San Francisco: First views and Coit Tower

We arrived in San Francisco in the late afternoon after stopping in Sausolito. Our hotel room had a nice view of the city landscape and the Golden Gate Bridge. After Tracy got settled in at his hotel, we walked to dinner at Helmund Palace, a cozy Afghani restaurant on Van Ness Street with an authentic decor and food to match. The food was very good and abundant–we couldn’t eat it all! This is a great place to dine if you ever visit the area!

After breakfast the next morning we called a taxi to take us to Coit Tower via “the crookedest street in the world”, otherwise known as Lombard Street. There were beautiful flower gardens and lots of tourist on this street, which made it a little more hazardous. We told the taxi driver that we wanted to see if he could navigate it, which brought a great laugh from all of us.

At Coit Tower not only were the views of the city great, but the murals inside were quite interesting. We had the good fortune to have a personalized tour due to my mobility issues with stairs. Our guide was full of stories about San Francisco and the tower itself, which were pretty insightful. She took several of pictures of us, capturing the views from various angles, and suggested a couple of places to visit near Fisherman’s Wharf.  So off to our next leg of our adventure!


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