San Francisco: Golden State Park and Muir Woods


On the morning of our last full day in San Francisco we decided to explore the Golden Gate Park after securing our parking reservation for Muir Woods in the afternoon.  We walked through the beautiful Botanical Garden which had a large number of exotic plants from different countries, including New Zealand and Australia. We strolled over to the Japanese Tea Garden, but the uneven and elevated paths proved too difficult for me to navigate completely.  We ate our lunch consisting of a hot dog, chocolate covered ice cream bar and soda (very unusual foods for health-minded folks like us!) and headed off

Just outside of San Francisco, not far from the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge, is Muir Woods, a National Monument. This is a beautiful setting full of redwoods, along with other trees and plants.  After walking together for about 1/4 mile, Fran took off to hike one of the trails while I sat and rested my knees at one of the benches provided in this scenic haven outside of the city.

After leaving the park we returned to our hotel and then walked to the Dim Sum Club for dinner. This was some of the best Chinese food I’ve eaten! One could tell that it was authentic due to the number of Chinese families eating there.

We were really blessed to have beautiful weather during our three-day stay in San Francisco. The fog only rolled in the night before we left for our next destination: Monterey Bay Area.


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