Santa Barbara


Continuing south towards Santa Barbara we took a scenic route through Los Olivos. We stopped at the Bradbury Dam-Lake Cachuma vista point. Across from that was the view pictured above.


We entered Santa Barbara and stopped at the Mission Santa Barbara.  There appeared to be chalk paintings in front of the the mission chapel. The inscription reads: “The washing basin was completed in 1818.  It served as the original mission laundry. The Native Americans soaped the clothes on the sloping sides and rinsed them in the center pool.” There was a steady stream of traffic during the short time that we were there.


We had a picnic lunch in a park overlooking the bay with ships in the background and sailboats in the bay. Homes in Santa Barbara are nestled close together as the dwellings rise up the hillside.

Time to head to our final stop on the road!


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