Guest Blog–Fran Spiegler

I am not a writer by trade, though I am a semi-retired teacher, so I guess that counts for something.  Allan (my husband) has been struggling physically since his dad’s illness and death.  Most of you don’t know that Allan has fibromyalgia, which is quite debilitating especially since he has a sensitivity to the available drugs that are usually prescribed to help it. So he is pain most of the time and writes when he can.  Therefore it is so ironic that he, who wrote about Father Julian and his struggle with Parkinson’s Disease, also has a condition in which he struggles to maintain a “normal” quality of life.

We said a fond “farewell” to Dad last Friday–a slideshow that recalled all of the highlights of his long life, with a military honor guard salute at the end of the service.  We appreciated those who knew him from long ago in Illinois to  the past year in Arizona who shared their memories with us. We enjoyed spending time with the extended family after the service, catching up on the latest goings-on and renewing our bonds of kinship. And then it was time to crash and burn–letting the stress of the past month catch up and wash over us again, this time to begin the healing from the loss of such an important person in our lives.

Allan will get back to writing very soon–in the meantime we appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers that have been sent out way.

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