The Health Inspector

Once the bakery had been in operation for a while, a health inspector came to assure the operation was sanitary and safe.  He inspected the bakery from top to bottom, and said everything was in order.  Everything seemed fine and I was sure we had passed.  Yet, after completing the inspection, he just stood in front of the oven and was making no move to sign the health certificate.  I wondered why he was stalling and just standing around and then it dawned on me, “Boy, am I stupid. Chicago is the city of the greased palm.  Everything operates by way of kickbacks.”  Realizing what needed to be done, I immediately said to him, “Sir, can I offer you a complementary loaf of bread?”  He smiled and said, “Certainly!”  With this I rushed to the front of the bakery to wrap up a fresh loaf for him.  When I presented it to him he signed the certificate.  Yes, I was learning how to be a good businessman in Chicago.

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